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The Combination of Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin Take the Checkered Flag in CT.

Corvette Racing

Tommy Milner

Corvette Racing

Oliver Gavin

Lakeville, CT – Corvette racing drivers Milner and Gavin showed that patience and experience are a tough combination to beat as the co-drivers brought home program victory 100 and the win at Lime Rock on Saturday afternoon for Team Corvette.  Even more importantly they stayed atop of a very tight race standings in the GT Le Mans class.  The start to today’s race was a bit bumpy with the prototype challenge cars struggling to get the green flag as they were waived through more than once.  Barely a lap in saw the BMW car #100 go out after being bumped by Porsche.  And this was just the first of many times today team Porsche would make contact with other racers.

Milner showed great strategy in maintaining good track position for most of his seat time holding steady at the fourth spot throughout his approximate two hours behind the wheel.  His driving skills were on display at one point half way through his turn when two other cars ahead of him got tangled heading into turn six (?) yet Milner masterfully maneuvered the Corvette out of harms way and never lost a beat. The fourth caution brought a driver change and also witnessed the number two and three position cars, with Porsche again taking out the other Read the rest of this entry »

Should the postion of official Corvette ambassador ever come to fruition, Oliver Gavin would easily be the standard bearer.  Not only does he race fast, he runs pretty fast too, in a marathon.  And in April he ran a marathon to benefit kids fighting cancer.  Thanks to his efforts and that of the British Racing Drivers Club, thier goal of rasing £100,000 was met.  More on the story is HERE.  Well done Oliver. 



Anthony Davidson was anything but apologetic in this interview with Speed Channel after he finished his leg of the grueling Le Mans 2010 race that saw the GT2 class leading Corvette crash as he passed them in the Porshe turn. 

Oliver Gavin responded to Davidson’s comments via Facebook with the following;

“Just listened to Anthony Davidson’s interview on Speed, staggered by his arrogance!!! He believes that we should just get out the way for him… It shows how little he understands about sportscar racing… There are 4 classes in this race, all individually as important as each other, no class has any more right than an…other. We all have to exist on track together. He said it’s Manu’s fault and deserved to go off!!!!”


Video Courtesy of Speed Channel, All rights Reserved (c) 2010

This will be the last year for GT1 class cars to compete at Le Mans.  Corvette Racing’s Oliver Gavin echoed sentiments also held by Aston Martin driver, Tomas Enge, saying, ” I think it’s a bit diluted for the fans at the moment. It’ll streamline it a little. GT2 is where the manufacturers want to be. GT1 in the ACO and Le Mans Series is a dying category.”



Nice Video here made by BadBoyVettes as Oliver Gavin walks you through a lap around the track in the car.  Awesome!


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