The Combination of Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner and Oliver Gavin Take the Checkered Flag in CT.

Corvette Racing

Tommy Milner

Corvette Racing

Oliver Gavin

Lakeville, CT – Corvette racing drivers Milner and Gavin showed that patience and experience are a tough combination to beat as the co-drivers brought home program victory 100 and the win at Lime Rock on Saturday afternoon for Team Corvette.  Even more importantly they stayed atop of a very tight race standings in the GT Le Mans class.  The start to today’s race was a bit bumpy with the prototype challenge cars struggling to get the green flag as they were waived through more than once.  Barely a lap in saw the BMW car #100 go out after being bumped by Porsche.  And this was just the first of many times today team Porsche would make contact with other racers.

Milner showed great strategy in maintaining good track position for most of his seat time holding steady at the fourth spot throughout his approximate two hours behind the wheel.  His driving skills were on display at one point half way through his turn when two other cars ahead of him got tangled heading into turn six (?) yet Milner masterfully maneuvered the Corvette out of harms way and never lost a beat. The fourth caution brought a driver change and also witnessed the number two and three position cars, with Porsche again taking out the other BMW car and allowing Gavin to make the move to the second position behind a strong Ferrari.  However it suffered a spin and Gavin took the lead for good the rest of the way.

Corvette Racing

Jan Magnussen

Corvette Racing

Antonio Garcia

In the other car, Jan Magnussen had to serve a drive through penalty after a tire got loose on the Corvette racing crew during a pit stop under caution.  This dropped him back to the number seven spot. Undeterred, Magnussen worked his way back into the pack to fifth place and handed the car over to Antonio Garcia. The Spaniard  also turned in a fine performance by getting to the second spot behind Gavin to hold off Briscoe in the Ferrari who was charging hard on Gavin and had at the white flag cut the lead to 2.5 seconds.  Also adding more drama to the final lap was the #88 car in the Prototype class had developed an oil leak and was  ahead of Gavin spewing oil out of the car’s engine.



Corvette Racing

Doug Fehan

All in all, it was a hard fought but brilliant win for Corvette racing.  Lime Rock was Lime Rock as it usually is with tight passing and lots of traffic from all the different classes.  Almost 30 minutes was lost due to multiple cautions and the inability of Team Porsche to quit running into other drivers. However in the end it was the wreck between Porsche and BMW that opened the door for Corvette Racing to be victorious on this Saturday afternoon.  Corvette Racing showed great strategy, patience and teamwork to get the team’s 100th career victory.  No doubt, Doug Fehan had as much to do with the success of Corvette Racing not only in today’s win but all previous 99 wins too. Well done to everybody at Corvette Racing.






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