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Editor’s Note: This is part one of a two part interview.  In the first part we talk to Lance a little about his early history with Carlisle and his father and how their passion for Corvettes came to be.  In the second part he covers the reuniting of the #3 Corvette at Le Mans. 

Developing dreams and goals are part of what makes life more enjoyable.  Having the capacity and wherewithal to accomplish these things in life is simply the icing on the cake.  Lance Miller’s cake looks mighty tasty from here. 



Lance’s father Chip, who co-founded the famous Carlisle Events car show, set out to locate and obtain the 24 Hours of Le Mans legend from 1960, the #3 Briggs Cunningham Corvette.  He wanted to restore the car to its original racing condition and reunite the car’s driver, John Fitch with it in Paris in 2010.  Sadly, Chip Miller passed away in March of 2004 of  Amyloidosis, thus leaving it to his son Lance to see his dream completed.  And Lance was able to do just that at this years race. 

This is Lance’s interview in his own words. 


CM: What is your official title with Carlisle Events and how long have you been in this position?

LM: I’ve carried many titles and plenty of positions at Carlisle Events through the years. This past year I made a very large commitment to the business by buying out my Mother/Father’s fifty percent interest in the company. I’m currently Owner / Partner of Carlisle Events. My partner, Bill Miller, and I work closely on a day to day basis during the summer months and his son Bill Miller III and I work together on a day to day basis throughout the entire year. Read the rest of this entry »

I sat down recently to talk with Terry Michaelis, President of Pro Team Corvette Sales about what it was like being the orchestrator of the winning bid to take home the prized 1963 Corvette that was given to Harley Earl upon his retirement from GM.  Michaelis, proxy bidding for an unnamed client, successfully placed the winning $925,000.00 bid for the Corvette specially made for the man behind the car, Harley Earl. 


CM:     Harley Earl’s Corvette, was this a Corvette you had coveted for some time?  If so, for how long and why?

TM:      I had known about the car for three decades.  I consider it a prize for any car collector. 


CM:     What are your plans for the car? 

TM:      The car will be kept at the Pro Team facility in Napoleon, OH.  Read the rest of this entry »

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In an earlier posting, Corvette Mafia broke the news about Torvec’s exciting new product, the ISOTorque Differential for both the C5 and C6 platforms being released.  I had a chance to sit down and speak with the technical manager for Torvec, Andrew Gleasman about their new product.

 CM: What was your intended target for the ISOTorque Differential and why?

AG:  With over 400K C5/6 Corvettes, we felt that there was a significant original equipment market for the product.  We have been a player in the OE market for some time with GM, Hyundai and Ford.  We had been working previously with General Motors and John Heinricy in developing this new technology but it was put on the back burner while GM was in disarray.  We moved forward on our own with John and Phoenix Performance and Rockland Gear.  Read the rest of this entry »

 A lot of people after buying their first Corvette or other late model computer equipped performance car have an instant need to make it go faster and produce more horsepower.  One way to achieve that goal is to get the car tuned.  Tuning a car entails the re-calibration of the car’s computer binary file to achieve more power and efficiency simply by hooking up a laptop computer to the car’s computer.  To get a “tune” there are two choices,  purchase a do-it-yourself hand held tuner, which only allows for a few modifications or hire someone with a laptop and a software tuning suite to make the necessary more complicated power adding adjustments to the vehicle’s computer.  Knowing ahead of time what to expect and how to be prepared can make the performance tuning process a very worthwhile experience.    

    Read the rest of this entry »

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